Barely Bruised Books is a Book Store in Ottawa, ON

Come into Barely Bruised Books to bask in the comforting scent of loved books, both new and used. Dedicated to offering you a cozy space for you to read and buy your favorite stories, Barely Bruised Books is proud to be your stop for great reads. Located in Ottawa, ON, Barely Bruised Books is a book store that offers a wide selection of novels, short stories, and picture books for you to enjoy. Some features we boast about are the large French and Esoterica sections that we have, as well as free kids books for the younger members of our community. Our commitment to our community involvement is also prevalent in the events that we host at Barely Bruised Books.

At Barely Bruised Books, you can enjoy the following:

At Barely Bruised Books, you can sell, buy, and trade books with our easy-to-understand program. When it comes to serving our community, Barely Bruised Books goes above and beyond.We have been in business for three years and we have made a lot of great memories and friendships during that time.We ship worldwide and offer 30% off discounts to students! Come into Barely Bruised Books today!

What Makes Us Proud
  • Complimentary Tea & Coffee
  • Great Customer Service
  • Ships Worldwide
  • Students Get 30% Off
  • We Host Community Events
Locations Served
  • Ottawa, ON